Our Mission

The Good Samaritan Foundation is dedicated to provide last-resort financial assistance to people in need and for the glory of His Kingdom.

In 2009 a core group of 12 people gathered together to start on a journey towards helping others with nothing more than a shared vision. Their commitment to this cause was inspired by a remarkable lady named Elizabeth Yost who left nearly $2.4 million of her estate to improve public education and to combat heart disease and diabetes in Anson County, NC. $600,000 of this money was placed in a trust and is now worth over $3 million, which continually gives at least $150,000 per year to charitable entities.

The group of 12 set out to duplicate this success by pooling enough resources to leave an endowment that will continue to help others well after their lives have passed. Our motivation and dedication to making a difference is rooted in our belief that we have all been abundantly blessed by incredibly gracious God. We are a Christ-centered organization that firmly believes we have an opportunity to share our blessings with others in a way that can change the lives of the less fortunate in perpetuity.

Our foundation is special in that it does not incur any overhead costs. This allows us to put every dollar to good work. Because we are a qualified 501 (c) (3) organization, our giving is regulated and we must file a tax return. All charitable organizations that we support are vetted by our Board of Directors for efficient operation and transparency of finances. Our list of our past and present charitable partners can be found on our Charitable Giving page.

The only way we will meet our long-term goal is to continue to grow and add generous people who have compassion for those who lack the basic necessities of life. We need and welcome you to join our efforts to assist those in need.

Board of Directors:

John Capell (non-voting Chairman)

Kerry Capell

B Crigler

Anthony Culotta

Dan Garvey

Marsden Haigh

Hoy Lanning

Phil Lanning

Jerry Sullivan

Ralph Costen


Planning Committee:

Todd Good (Chairman)

Bill Osborne

Becky Carpenter

Greg Capell